Tell them the truth

Shocking and painful to watch, especially for those of us who have lived and loved in Deptford, this is the story of how one community was destroyed by another who thought it knew better.  Well worth a watch – click image below to go to the iPlayer page.

Deptford High Street

London planners literally tore down perfectly acceptable houses in South London that would now be beautiful and valuable because it was time to build some blocks of flats for the commoners.  But we all know the effect of that.  So it was either ignorance or something much more sinister…

“Row upon row of dirty, dismal houses that should have been pulled down and done away with long ago” (London County Council propaganda video)

“Damp: there is no damp.  Disrepair: there is no disrepair.  All defects remediable at not too great a cost.” Medical Officer

Flats like Pepys Estate ended up being built (which my old students referred to ‘ghetto’ – eg. ‘what you doin at lunch John?’ ‘I’m goin down Ghetto’)

“Low quality social housing … can’t be gentrified … so those who do well tend to move away.” (narrator)

“Tell them the truth… tell them how they f***ed this place up” (passer-by)


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