Leaning In for Thatcher

“I didn’t like her policies but I admire the fact that she got so far as a woman, she showed anything is possible.”  This seems to be the standard diplomatic line used by Thatcher’s critics, some of whom mingled in the midst of a very subdued crowd at her funeral on Wednesday.

Every single female prime ministerial candidate will now be compared to her, including the latest possible candidate Theresa May, so it’s incredulous to imagine that she’s done women any favours.  If you don’t have her ruthless manner, rigid hairstyle and perfect tailoring you have an entire blog ridiculing you nowadays. [http://fashionmomentswiththeresamay.tumblr.com]

Amanda Thatcher

How ironic then that at her funeral service men around the world began openly perving on her grand-daughter.  Perhaps if Thatcher had not dismissed the notion of feminism as “poison” there might have been more respect paid to Amanda Thatcher as, say, a human and a mourner.  Instead they drooled and added more stiffs to the room.  Maggie, the proud “We are a grandmother” figure, might have tolerated such behaviour, over her dead body.

The Modern Face of Successful Working Women, Sheryl Sanberg, had an interview yesterday with Jon Snow to promote her book ‘Lean In’.  He wasted no time in asking, “Are you a feminist?”  She responds:  “You know, it’s really funny, because if you’d asked me in college, I would have said absolutely not, because feminists didn’t get dates!”  Jon Snow struggled for words and then eventually came out with “That’s rather pragmatic isn’t it?”  “Well, it was more of a joke.”  Awkward pause…


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