Mixed-race people are not beautiful

 The National Geographic recently reported that by 2050 the average American will appear to be of mixed racial origin.  To “celebrate” this, they commissioned a photographer to go and take photos of a bunch of mixed-race people for us to stare at.  Do you feel uncomfortable about this?  Perhaps not.  I do though.


Isn’t the National Geographic that magazine that goes off to far-flung places and takes photos of unusual flowers, exotic birds, tribes “that hide from man”?  In other words, “The Other”?  Am I supposed to look at these photographs of fellow mixed-race people and say: “Oh wow – how funny looking!”  Apparently I am.  The article starts with the line: “What is it about the faces on these pages that we find so intriguing?”  Quite a lot it seems.  The photos have been picked up by hundreds of websites from Stanford University to the Huffington Post.  One website carries the headline: “National Geographic Concludes What Americans Will Look Like in 2050, and It’s Beautiful”.

All this makes me physically cringe from the screen.  What are they doing?  Don’t they realise the damage they’re causing by perpetuating this beautiful little brown baby bullshit? Oh! What lovely end-products of interracial social cohesion!  It’s as bad as a Channel 4 programme I once saw made by an anxious middle-class Asian mother.  She was eager to prove that the product of her marriage with a white English man would not be inferior, and so went around to scientists and researchers getting them to say stupid things about how mixed-race people might be smarter or have more symmetrical faces.  What a load of mul(atto) poo.  It’s as bad as phrenology.  It’s actually – ironically – racist.  And yes, of course you can be racist against mixed-race people.  The thing is though, we’re unlikely to have a cohesive voice to shout back at you but, brilliantly, because we’re as mixed-up as your teenage daughter’s underwear drawer, you can’t get out of it.  There’s no “Oh but I can’t be racist against them because I’m X or Y or have Z as a friend” crap.  Bad luck loser, we’re EVERYTHING.  There’s no hiding. Time to confront your own messed-up xenomania.

We’re not products.  We’re people.  And some people are ugly.  Some people are really ugly. Some black people are ugly, some white people are ugly, some frickin Filipineseafrojafaican people are ugly.  Why should the racial mixing suddenly make people beautiful?  What is beautiful anyway?  It’s got nothing to do with race.  Saying mixed-race people are more beautiful than others is the WORST thing you can do for the mixed-race community.


It’s really condescending for a start.  You’re basically saying that if anyone ever finds us attractive, it is not because God really did put magic fairy-dust in our eyes like our Daddies said or because that 5k run this morning has left us pleasantly glowing with the joy of our own achievements.  No, it’s because we’re mixed-race, that’s it.

It’s kind of crushing.  Do you look at Charlize Theron and think wow, look at her cute nose, she’s so intriguingly white?  No, you think, wow, she has an aura that smoulders with feminine mystique.  Do you look at Angelina Jolie and think wow, look at her shiny hair, she’s so fascinatingly Caucasian?  No you think, damn her piercingly intelligent eyes, and oh, those are interesting lips.  You think these things because these women are not seen The Other.  They are not seen as their race, they are just seen as women.  So if, like Lupita Nyong’o, you only associate any beauty I may have with the colour of my skin or some other unalterable physical characteristic, I will probably pull a strained smile, but I’m actually thinking two things as I look at your ignorant little twatface.  Number 1, no chance mate, and Number 2, was eugenics was really that bad?


Articles that fetishise mixed-race people are particularly damaging to mixed-race women.  One reason is because it reminds us that we’re different.  Unless you live in Cuba or somewhere where everyone looks a bit like you, it can get – surprise surprise – a little tiring to be constantly seen as a different species of woman.  If you spend a lot of time with white women, you get really tired of being seen as the fun, potentially slutty, one.  Some white women expect you to be able to beat out complicated Brazilian samba rhythms at your computer desk when asked, or to always be able to go lowest during the drunken limbo game.

With black women, it’s even trickier, because of all the tyrannical consumerist patriarchal bullshit.  Black women are told repeatedly in television adverts and more that there is something wrong with them because their hair is too frizzy, their nose is too big, their bodies are too curvy, their skin is too dark.  Here’s a particularly odious advert I saw only this week if you don’t believe me. And black women internalise this, of course we/they do.  So therefore as a mixed-race woman you will be expected to constantly self-depreciate by dressing in a quirky way / dancing in a goofy fashion and/or twisting your face into crazy contortioned grimaces for every photograph.  Otherwise you might be seen to take yourself seriously, you might be come across as a bit “up” yourself, you might think you’re nice, you might be secretly “stoosh”.  Sadly there is no denying this friends, and I know you will want to, but please believe me, it is really very often true.  I know it is often true because I have experienced what it is like to be a mixed-race woman in black women’s company for most of my life and also because I’m sort of black too, remember? So if I see a light-skinned and/or mixed-race woman at a bus-stop a very odd thing happens: The incomprehensible psychological mirrored labyrinth of my own mind has a tiny “she thinks she’s nice” moment.  I know, it’s bad, and more than that, it’s really, really weird.


Articles that suggest mixed-race people are beautiful are, ironically, reinforcing the horrible divisive thick line between races that mixed-race people like me have worked so hard to blur and smudge away.  Those National Geographic photographs include people who tick the “Black” box or the “Asian” box, in other words, they self-define, and as the article explains, they often have a fluid identity depending on who they’re with at the time.  Believe it or not, if you are never given a single race of your own, you tend to spend a lot of time merging in and out silently with other groups like a discrete cloud.  Mixed-race people don’t want attention drawn to them.  We don’t want to have an extra spotlight put on us because we already have one every single moment that we walk down streets with anyone else who is not mixed-race.  We don’t want to be other, different, beautiful, exotic, fascinating, intriguing.  Let us be ugly, or even just normal and mediocre.  That’s just fine.


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  1. What a brilliant article. Why does being a mixed race person constantly have to subvert to other group’s strange need to profit from some sort of downgrading or patronizing definition? It’s so confusing, frustrating and downright annoying. Well said Nicola.

    • Ahhh Angelina Jolie’s lips are the product of cosmetic procedures….so that is an idiotic example….also the fact the Charlize and Jolie are white and we reside in a eurocentric dominant society that dictates aesthetic standards they are judged as beautiful by default ”’Lu[ita defies this standard either surprisingly or uncomfortably by the mainstream so her beauty is celebrated as a rarity…this mixing concept by NG is an attempt to blunt both of these followings and schools of thought…there are very attractive multiracial people on earth and many countries are composed entirely of this phenotype and are popularized by this as a result….however the bulk of the individuals in the NG spread were not that attractive but highlighted because there mixture showed a clear clash of misturada and adds the issue selling shock value needed to pad the bottom line…

  2. It’s also a problem when people assign certain characteristics to a specific race, cause i’ve seen countless black people with small slender noses and white people with big full lips, honestly the race argument is retarded, we all human beings, meaning that we obviously stem from the same source, whether you believe in evolution or creation.

    • “It’s also a problem when people assign certain characteristics to a specific race,”

      You’re an idiot. Sorry, but races differ greatly in physical appearance.

      “cause i’ve seen countless black people with small slender noses and white people with big full lips”

      Countless? Doubt that. Just because there is a few exceptions doesn’t make the rule, moron. Plus, there has been some mixing because of colonization and whatnot, so some people will have features that are not typical for their race.

      “honestly the race argument is retarded, we all human beings,”

      Typical race-denialism. Standard dumb “atheist intellectual” who believes in evolution only when it suits him. We are human beings, but different groups of human beings.

      “meaning that we obviously stem from the same source, whether you believe in evolution or creation.”

      Everything on earth comes from the same source. By that logic, I could argue that humans and rats are the same, which is ridiculous. You’re either really dumb, or just in denial.

      • You’re the one saying bullshit. Race has no scientific value.
        In filogenetic and tassonomic (the branchs of biology that struggle with classification of living beings) there are species, subspecies, variety.

        Races? Nope. The most the scientist tried and try to find objective data proving the existence of races the more they had data to confirm that all human beings are the same.

        Race is a construct created by the man to justify the subduing and despice of other humans.

        But now we have neuro sciences, genetics, to prove that there is only one human species: homo sapiens sapiens.

        Genetically, anatomically, neurologically, there are no differences between human beings. Some groups have similarities, obviusly.

        But the differences (the ones used to define races) are so minimal that race has no taxonomic or scientific weight or value.

        As I love to remember Crick, one of the scietist who described the DNA structure, a few years ago stated that africans and afro american people were as a race caractherized by a lower intelligence. Few months later a japanese equipe that was studying the DNA of Crick (yes, the man had give samples of his tissues and blood to the scientific comunity to use) revealed to the world tha Crick’s DNA has african genetic markers.

        I love the irony.

        Again: race is something humans came up to allow themselves to feel more secure and less guilty when having prejudices on people of different phenotype, in fact usually is the battle horse rode by fanatics and extremists. And is the construct used to justify genocides, emargination, land grabbing, hate, presecutions.

      • I think we need to take ‘race’ out of the situation here, and instead consider groups of people with shared backgrounds and ethnic origins. While we are all one species, it is ridiculous to believe that all people are the same. ‘haroldrenman’ says that “Genetically, anatomically, neurologically, there are no differences between human beings. Some groups have similarities, obviusly” which is ridiculous. First, because it is spelled ‘obviously’, second because there are genetic variances between races–cough, sorry, groups of people with shared backgrounds and ethnic origins. Why do you think people from different areas are predisposed to certain diseases and ailments? Whether through differing genetic or epigenetic markers, different races–cough, sorry, groups of people with shared backgrounds and ethnic origins–clearly are indeed different. The idea of race comes from shared characteristics of large groups of people (usually including origin, coloring, physical features, genetic predispositions, etc.). While there are often misjudgements made in regard to race, to deny it altogether is ignorant and naive.

      • Seriously, you should try to be respectful of the author’s message. Neither you nor I define her, in fact by the attitudes you harbour in your comment I can see that you are part of the problem.

      • “kimura”, I don’t see your point of view. I really don’t. Obviously, races differ in physical appearance but isn’t that the point? I mean ‘race’ is an invention, it is just another way for people to try and separate themselves into groups. And this ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality is what leads to racism.

        I also love how you pretend that all ‘black people’ look the same and have similar features. No, they don’t! That is a stupid statement. You are correct that colonialization will have created a larger gene pool, but this example is not the only one. There have been hundreds of African, European and Asian (and to some extent south american) empires for the last 13 000 years! That will be the reason for different characteristics appearing even within the same population or ‘race’. For you to say that only ‘some’ mixing happened is stupid. Obviously this did not happen not in all areas, but the idea of a ‘mixed race’ kid is not new. Just to prove how much people love having kids with foreigners, I’ll show you a neat fact: ‘modern humans from Eurasia have between 2 to 6% neanderthal DNA.’ And neanderthals were actually a different species! So you can believe in your creationist rubbish, or you can accept that ‘race’ really doesn’t mean all that much, and that people should stop creating segregation.

        I am also not sure how you could claim that the statement “all humans come from the same place” is similar to ” humans are rats”. The earliest population of humans to leave Africa was around 100 000 years ago. Comparatively, humans and rats shared a common ancestor 160 000 000 years ago. So yes, one can say that all humans are the same since we are! (the species is called homo sapiens btw).

    • I personally don’t see any black women caring about what the media says about them, I see them changing the world and giving no fluffs about what you think…so, please, stop making generalizations about races…isn’t that exactly what you’re fighting for? Funny, really funny how that worked…

  3. You have some strong opinions here. I’m Asian, born and raised in the US. I’m pure Chinese, as far back as my family can remember. I live in a very diverse major city and I have always been eroticized by men for being the race I am, like I’m some sort of exotic pet from Asia. Long story short, Regardless of what multiracial background or “pure” race one person is from, there will always be some kind of racist comment. The idea of race is what separates us and this concept is very new. It stems from the late 19th century’s idea of Nationalism. The point of the national geographic article is not to single out multiracial people. The point the article is trying to make is to show that the unity of races within a vastly growing number of multiracial breeding can eventually Eliminate racism. [Side note, genetics is always a gamble.] There are recessive traits and dominate traits, that all depends on the genetic gamble, like a flip of a coin (Read Matt Ridley’s Genome). If you think about this on a grander scale, the bigger picture, people who are of multiracial backgrounds are typically less racist than “pure” races in comparison. Sure, you’re right in saying that there can be all kinds of ugly people ranging in every race, but YOU, just like everyone else have a Subjective view on beauty. (I actually know a few people who really think that Angelina Jolie is mediocre.) Some people find the actor Channing Tatum to be handsome, I personally think he has no neck. Everyone has their own opinions on beauty. It’s the media that skews the standards of beauty. If you examine the media, especially fashion, going back to the 30’s and 40’s, Beauty has always been associated with Caucasian traits. I’m not a racist, what so ever, I’m simply stating facts. This white centric idea of beauty has been internalized into the western social psyche so deeply that there are cases of some people in EVERY race wishing to be, or appear more White. The Media, the fashion industry is totally bigoted. Absolutely bigoted. True beauty is only skin deep. I’m going to guess you’re most likely a white woman. I’m not trying to bring you down with this long comment. I’m simply trying to show you, to hope that you can empathize with what it’s like to not be white, to be another race, to imagine yourself in another woman’s shoes;Imagine yourself black, asian, middle eastern, latino – when you open a beauty magazine or look up at a billboard/advertisement and think, “I’m a different shade that her”, “my eyes are smaller”, “my hair is rougher”, and tell me that the the National Geographics is not correct in stating the beauty of multi-race. Thank you for listening.

    • I completely agree with you judytime, I think she was quite pessimist about the national geographic article. But multi-race is our future! its the union of humanity, and its evolution!

      • Actually it is not “the future” or the union of humanity. That sort of Utopian blind propaganda is both disturbing and sinister. It is also One World Globalist propaganda that is pushed incessantly by the media.

        All biological life forms breeding in and out groups. This can be observed all through nature, even all the way down to bacteria. Different subspecies of whales, bears, cats, birds don’t all come together in a multicultural paradise, and crossbreeding between these species rarely, if ever, yields a superior strain.

        The interesting thing about multiculturalism and diversity is that it causes endless problems. However, the media does not point to multiculturalism as the problem, it usually just blames white people. The Ferguson riots were caused by diversity. The London riots were caused by diversity. The Rotherham gang rapes of British children were caused by diversity, as well as the other, ongoing child rape scandals constantly being uncovered all across the UK. The Paris riots – diversity. Charlie hebdo – diversity. In fact, almost every conflict, all through history has been caused by diversity.

        The media does not connect the dots for people, so they don’t connect them on their own. In fact, people are now so trained by the media that they will not get worried, angered, outraged, frightened, or concerned unless the media first prompts them to do so.

        Some more examples of diversity: Chechens and Russians. Irish Catholics and Irish Protestants. Tamils and Sinhalese. French and Moslems. Dutch and Moslems. Swedes and Moslems. Germans and Moslems. Turks and Armenians. Whites and blacks in South African. Ugandans and Indians. Cambodians and Vietnamese. Blacks, whites, and browns in the United States. Jews and Germans. Jews and the rest almost everywhere. Hindus and Moslems. Sunnis and Shias. Turks and Kurds. Tutsis and Hutus. Moslems and Israelis in Palestine.

        It is quite obvious, to even the most casual observer of history that diversity doesn’t work. Our leaders who encourage diversity are well aware of this, which is why its implementation has been partnered with an enormous, multi decade propaganda and social engineering campaign. This campaign is centred around some psychological trigger words, words that the herd can bark at each other to socially stigmatize and thus, police itself. Continual reinforcement by the mass media via the drip feed pablum of media never lets up. Do a news search for “racism” every day. These stories never leave the news cycle, and the concept is fluid and continually morphs into ever expanding forms.

        The majority of humanity are just farm animals, we are farmed more now than we ever have been in the past. 100 years ago, the thought of an income tax would have been enough to cause a civil war, today, it’s normal. The global banking cartel simply wants to engineer better slaves, anti racism is part of that.

        If you sever people from their history, their roots and culture, they become detached, they have no foundation, no roots. They will quite easily accept anything as the “new normal”. Examples of this can be seen through history with the Roman conquering of Europe, the English conquering of Ireland, The Japanese occupation of Korea, The Maoist cultural revolution, and the Soviet concept of “The New Soviet Man”. Destroy the past, destroy the culture, destroy the tradition, destroy the awareness of who a people are in their own minds, and build them anew.

        Remember, roots and culture used to be bottom up, they used to be created by a people. It was not long ago that you sang the same songs that your great grandfather did, and worse the same style of clothing. Now we have a top down culture, culture by fiat, by diktat, fed to the population through mass media, and slowly standardizing humanity itself.

    • “The idea of race is what separates us and this concept is very new. It stems from the late 19th century’s idea of Nationalism. ” Absolute nonsense.

      Was it because of some 19th Century idea that: The Mongolians attacked the Chinese? The constant conflict between the Khmer and the Siamese? The Japanese displacing the Ainu? The Islamic expansion destroying the Classical World? The Turks invading Byzantine? The 100 years war between the French and the English? The Aztecs enslaving and sacrificing neighbouring tribes? The constant tribal warfare of the Native Americans and Africans? The Persians attacking the Greeks? Rome and Carthage? The Mongols pouring into Eastern Europe? The Jews in ancient Babylon?

      This sort of statement is simply breathtaking in it’s idiocy, and very much in fashion today when it’s the default position to lay all ills on Earth as the sole responsibility of Europeans. Are you so blind that you do not even realize that Uyghurs,Tibetans and the various tribes of China are treated like second class citizens and essentially enslaved in China today?

      Humans self organize into families. Families self organize into tribes. Tribes come into conflict. This is simply nature, and has been consistent for all of human history.

      Ironically, Europeans have done more to universalize humanity than any other single group, as it is a Christian concept. Europeans stopped slavery, worldwide, at a great loss of life and at great expense, for MORAL reasons alone. And they did this before the age of politically correct outrage. They also outlawed Black slavery 15 years before White slavery.

      Now to your other point. In China all the models are Chinese. In Ghana, all the models are Ghanaian. In Turkey all the models are Turkish. There is nothing wrong with white people appreciating their own beauty. Why is it up to white people, and always their sole responsibility, to universalize their culture and people?

      • Wow! You’re so educated and intelligent! You can make obnoxiously long lists of historical events with no context or logical explanation! I greatly admire your ability to Google search “historical conflicts”!
        I have never read such drivel. Your arguments, both this comment and your previous reply to ‘mkthefood’, are completely illogical and possibly the most idiotic (and long-winded) opinions I have ever heard (and as a North Carolina resident I hear ridiculous conservatism hogwash on a near daily basis, so yours is something special). Your paragraphs in the comment I am replying on are completely unconnected, random, and have nothing to do with the other comments or the article itself. If you need a platform to spout rubbish off of, I suggest you create a blog.
        What I understand from your writing is that you are opposed to diversity and cultural mixing. You gave a lengthy list of conflicts and said that ‘diversity’ is to blame. However, what you fail to understand is that EVERY SINGLE CONFLICT in Earth’s history is caused by diversity. Diversity isn’t just about race, it means “the quality or state of having many different forms, types, ideas, etc.”. A conflict occurs when two or more parties disagree over something. So to say that diversity causes problems is true, but akin to saying that “a plant grows because it is a plant” (and equally as simple-minded and stupid sounding). However, the problem arises when you blame ethnic and racial diversity for the cause of all problems. The problems are caused by differing opinions, not the color of their skin. By your logic, I could walk up to a person of another ethnicity (I am mixed race: Scottish, Syrian, Lebanese) and by simply being together our differing skin colors would cause a problem. It’s ridiculous and racist. I think that your comments are actually the definition of racism, as you are advocating that races should remain completely separate (Hun, that’s called s-e-g-r-e-g-a-t-i-o-n).
        Also, I am astounded by your lack of understanding when it comes to basic biology. I am majoring in Biophysics, but anyone who has completed high school biology should know that, while crossing species the resulting interspecific hybrids are often less viable than their parents, humans are all one species (and to have a subspecies you need multiple groups of the species that have absolutely no method of connecting or interbreeding, which obviously is not, and never has been the case). Your ignorance is breathtaking if you really believe that people from different areas of the world are subspecies. THAT is what is most ridiculous about your point of view. While I am inclined to respect others’ opinions, your blatant disregard for common knowledge cannot be dismissed. As others have said in this comments section, genetic diversity is healthy and increases the overall fitness of the species as a whole. From a biological standpoint, globalization and mixing races is the best thing for our species.
        I understand your concern that people are being uprooted from traditional cultures, as that would be rather frightening and worrisome. However, what should be clarified is that by mixing ethnicity and race, people are not abandoning their root system, but exponentially expanding it. If you came from a mixed-race family, you would know that ‘destroying the past’ isn’t what’s happening at all. I feel as though my personal background and culture is rich and my roots stretch from the UK to the Middle East. And for the record, I do sing the songs of my grandparents (on a side-note, in the past 200 there has never been a period of time when children lived in the exact same manner as their grandparents).
        “Multi-race is the future”? I sure hope so.

      • Yeah… I agree with birdie. When I was reading your biologically-related statements, I wanted to give you a biology lesson. I’ll spare you, though
        Diversity is at the heart of every historical conflict, but to blame the minority party in every single conflict is self-righteous and power-centric. Might doesn’t make right. Europeans are the majority here in America, but it doesn’t make everything that they’ve ever done justified. Slavery was wrong. Period.

        African-Americans WERE involved in the abolition of slavery, and giving Europeans sole credit is historically inaccurate and wrong. Blacks are different than whites in that blacks couldn’t exercise legitimized forms of political power and influence… BECAUSE THEY COULDN’T!!! There were Europeans who were involved in bringing slavery to an end. But there were African-Americans also, and abolition was primarily a black concern.

        I’m a very Northern European-looking male. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments over the years for the way that I look. Historically, Europeans have been portrayed as the most beautiful race in America. That doesn’t mean I expect every white person to fit the mold perpetuated by the media. In fact, I encounter ugly white people more often than I want to.

        I think the author of this article needs to just learn how to love themselves for who they are. I don’t expect biracial people to be beautiful. I don’t expect most of the people I encounter on a daily basis to be beautiful. i expect them to be average-looking. I think the point of the National Geographic article is to show how ‘average-looking’ is going to change over the next half a century.

      • You forgot the biggest and best example of white Europeans forcing Diversity on the Native Americans and invading their lands. Or white Europeans men forcing diversity by raping their black woman Slaves and girls and Native American woman. So in other words its the white European males fault we are even having this discussion, this country was built on race mixing. Conveniently you left out the most important part of that self serving narrative, and that is if the European white man hadn’t invaded, raped, stole and enslaved other people and lands and just kept what was his, and stayed in Europe, then maybe he would have a legit moral argument, But he didn’t so he doesn’t. You can’t go back Bob.

      • actually, a lot of Ghanaian models tend to be mixed race. there is a marked preference for lighter skinned ghanaians with more stereotypically european features. you just have to take a sample of 10 ghanaian movies to realize this. also, you need to go back and understand WHY and HOW the british put a stop to the transatlantic slave trade. its quite remarkable reading. I dont understand why I can look back at some of my ancestors and see them for the slave holders they were but a lot of white people become defensive whenever the issue is even mentioned . there’s no reason to feel defensive if you aren’t personally responsible, is there?

      • I don’t know where the reply button for your comment to mkthefood went but I just can’t stay silent. You listed so many things and honestly, I don’t know much indepth information to refute most of it which I think is your reason of using lists to support your evidence without any explanation.

        However, I do have a degree in Korean culture and history and I have lived in Korea for 10 years now. I would love for you to come to Korea and say to ANY Korean that their ancestors, which would be their grandparents and the great-grandparents, embraced the Japanese attempted-erradication of their culture from the 1890s. Oh, Korea wasn’t officially annexed into the Japanese Empire until 1910 but had already sunk its claws into Korean politics by the 1890s.

        I wonder what the national holiday, celebrated on March 1, is really about if not the March 1st independence movement. It failed but it commemorates the periodical uprising by the Korean people against the Japanese government.

        The Japanese Empire also outlawed the use of the Korean language, written and spoken, and declared that every Korean person must use a Japanese styled name using the same Chinese characters. So there isn’t the Korean Written Langauge, Hangeul Day, holiday either, October 9. That also leads to all of the Korean language newspapers advocating for independence from the Japanese Empire as an invention of the modern Korean historian? And what about all these KOREAN names, which I will grant you, many are actually Chinese names with Korean pronunciations, but some ARE pure Korean names…but those must not exist because the Japanese Empire wiped out Korean culture and traditions.

        None of this information, by the way, has come to me from living in Korea for 10 years. I learned all of these facts in university in the first 2 classes on Korean history that I took.

        Perhaps, in the future, instead of trying to look intelligent by throwing down lists without any explanation or supporting evidence and using large words with convoluted grammatical structure, you can put on your tin foil hat, do a bit of research, and form a cohesive argument with appropriate supporting evidence.

    • “This white centric idea of beauty has been internalized into the western social psyche so deeply that there are cases of some people in EVERY race wishing to be, or appear more White.”

      Not really, dear lady. Take Japan for example:
      There, both men and women whitened their faces for many centuries long before the first contact with so-called Western nations.

      Even though I do not like to use it as source, that is what is available on Wikipedia:

      I have found some more detailled information on the website of the Japanese embassy in Düsseldorf, Germany:

      (It is available only in German and Japanese, but you can more or less understand what’s written when using http://www.translate.google.com)

      It is written that originally, a mixture of kaolin and rice flour had been applied. Since the 7th century AD (!), this mixture was replaced by copper chloride (“keifun”) and white lead (“empaku”) imported from China.

      • You are entirely correct. But actually, you do not go far enough. Every race on the planet wants to be lighter, and it has nothing to do with looking European, that is pure narcissism from white people. It’s because our skin darkens as we get older from sun and aging. Lighter skin is a marker of youth which is a marker of fertility, which is what we all want and chase after. Babies are always lighter than grownups, and they have clear, unblemished skin, which is also what whitening products do: they even skin out and get rid of dark spots and marks. I am Arab and the classic Arabic princess has white skin, huge dark eyes, long hair and tiny feet. Most of the rest of the world tries to lighten their skin. I used to date this Indian guy over her in flight school and he shared an apartment with 3 other guys. The bathroom was stacked up with their jars of “fair n’ lovely,” a skin whitener. Japanese, Chinese and Koreans all try to have as white of skin as possible. And white people buy just as much of it as everyone else, except because of our racial past with slavery and everything they are not called skin whiteners but “brighteners.” All the stuff that promises to get rid of dark marks and give clear, radiant skin – yeah, that’s called whitening. Just a few decades ago women here were eating arsenic “complexion wafers” for whiter skin. White people need to get over themselves and quit thinking everybody wants to look like them. Does a lighter-skinned Indian girl ACTUALLY look more like a “white person?” Please. Oh yes, and another reason the rest of the world wants to be whiter is because wealthier people do not have to work outside so their skin doesn’t darken from the sun. In China for example, it is the poor farmers that spend all day in the fields who are dark, the wealthy people stay white.

      • You looked at only one aspect of the ideal Japanese beauty standard that just so happens to be shared throughout Asia. Just like in the West how plumpness was a social marker, pale skin was used throughout Asia. Peasants worked in the fields and therefore were tanned. Even today in Korea, medium-toned Koreans lament about their “black” skin to me while trying to compliment me on my very pale skin. Japan has remarkably the same beauty standards as Korea although entirely different make-up styles.

        Look at the beauty standards pre-1945 and you will see a BIG difference with the standards today. Face shape, nose shape, nose HEIGHT, lip shape, eye shape, eye color, even eyelid WRINKLES have been Westernized. Take a walk down any “trendy” street in Korea and Japan. Check out the MANY plastic surgery before/after photos and advertisements. Most of the time these advertisement models look 75% white and 25% Asian. This is totally beautiful of course but you shouldn’t feel pressured to drop a few grand to change your eye shape or to never leave the house without your eyelid tape in place, even when you take out the garbage.

  4. Mixed race take the best of the genes of both races and are further apart in family line. Hence the higher chance of better looking, better healthier body, better brain as opposed to children through incest or family marriage. Too close to the bloodline is revolution (bad), far away from the bloodline is evolution (good).

    • You don’t understand what she’s trying to say some of what she said I do t agree on but what I know is that being mix race is hard, you don’t know heeds you fit in. I’m half black and half white.
      I’ve always wanted my skin tone to be lighter to not have the hair I have. If you ask why it’s because in today’s world that’s what media promotes.
      I wish people could see that race doesn’t matter and everyone is beautiful in their own way.

  5. I appreciate your perspective – you’ve certainly challenged me to consider how fetishizing mixed race people could be harmful or annoying to someone who identifies (or chooses not to identify) as one. I guess saying “mixed race people are beautiful” is like saying “Japanese people are beautiful” – it’s a generalization for sure and relies on an inflexible definition of race that puts people into strict categories. And you’re right, it does involve “othering.” I am caucasian and a mix of British, Scottish, Irish and Welsh heritage (among others probably) but am not considered mixed race – that is part of my privilege as a “white” person. On the other hand, if you think about the idea that interracial marriage was illegal not long ago it strikes me as a positive thing that these children are celebrated as symbols of more racial harmony in the world. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts I found this really interesting.

    • How incredibly narcissistic you are. I AM mixed and it is *I* who have the privilege of being beautiful and exotic and striking, so much so that people always ask where I am from – and tell me I am beautiful and exotic and striking. Blending in, being boring and looking like everyone else walking down the street is NOT a privilege, babe. Sounds like the worst thing in the world to me. Generalizations are not automatically bad because they are general. Ethiopian women are the most beautiful women in the world, period (no I am not Ethiopian, it’s just obvious). Anyway, you are conflating two totally different things. Saying x race is prettier than y race is subjective, but saying mixed people are more beautiful than the general population is not. It is true for a number of scientific and biological reasons, which is why it does not matter what the races are. Read the National Geographic article she does not comprehend whatsoever.

      However, you are onto something in your last bit. It has been crazy to me that since Obama burst onto the scene 9 years ago people have insisted on calling him black. He is not, he is mixed. Since not too long ago, black and white mixed people were hated by both races in America, a mixed president is FAR greater progress than a president with two black parents!

  6. Somebody appears to be jealous! It has unequivocally been proven that on average (and even on mean), mixed people are more genetically stronger and more beautiful. That is just Nature’s way of trying to strengthen the diversity of the human gene pool, and prevent inter-marriage. Get over it, you thick cunt!

    • The author of this article IS biracial, z0ltan. How can she be jealous of something she already is?

      “…more genetically stronger…”–somebody didn’t get the smart gene, me-thinks. I’m a dumb, inbred white-boy though. What do I know?

  7. There is no question that elites within our media and government want to promote large scale mongrelization in the United states.They believe a homogenized population sharing no common race,religion or culture will be more easily controlled.They have employed every conceivable method to achieve this end,including interracial entertainment and advertising,deceptive science,and various forms of educational propaganda.All of this aimed at persuading us to believe that racial mixing is wonderful and natural and that we shouldn’t hesitate to throw away our heritage and our family lineage and jump on the race-mixing bandwagon.But I submit that it is NOT wonderful and natural and will destroy the Caucasian race,in particular,if it continues.Yes,I feel uncomfortable about this,all of us should.We are not being enlightened and educated on race,we are being manipulated by every Pavlovian means to engage in miscegenation,the historical destroyer of race and civilization.

    • America is still a homogeneous society and there is pressure to date and marry within the same race, meaning monoracials.

    • Interracial advertising is the result of corporate america trying to reach a broader audience. Biracial people in advertising allow ads to appeal to a larger group. Corporate America IS evil, but not for the reasons you’re stating here.

      How can a population share “…no common race, religion or culture?” You can’t share nothing. Perspectives on race, religion and culture are just changing. Racial mixing may not be “wonderful” in your opinion, but it is completely natural.

      Who are ‘they’–the people you keep talking about?

  8. In my opinion I think mixed race people are beautiful! I disagree with this article! I mean look at Beyoncè, Rihanna, Tyra Banks, Alicia Keys, and Leona Lewis and much more other celebraties and people I see around me!

  9. What a tedious article. As a mixed race person myself and based on what we see happening around us in this globalizing world, I welcome this perception of mixed-race people being more beautiful, talented, smarter, and in the end more successful. Your standpoint that people aren’t products is completely unrealistic. People ARE products, the media perpetuates our self-perception as products which is why we are a looks-conscious society in the first place. Mixed race people are more interesting than homogeneously ethnic people because they bring together several physical traits that openly challenge and contradict typical standards of beauty that are segmented categorically according to race.

    The constant mixing of races will eliminate the paradigm of racial categorization. All the people in the world will end up being beige with countless diverse phenotypes. If you feel shitty because of a national geographic article pointing out the obvious, then you should probably take a second and rethink why you feel so uncomfortable. It really looks like you’re just immature, insecure, and need to deal with your own perception of yourself as a mixed race person. Seriously magical fairy dust in your eye? Bitch please, it’s because you’re mixed race. Own it, accept it, embrace it, and USE IT! Use your mixed-raceness to increase your quality of life, don’t be a freaking victim because of it. Despite all the media tries to do to make mixed race people “The Other” as you call it, you can rest assured in the fact that mixed race people have the keys to inherit this world and not homogeneously ethnic people. Just live your life in peace and don’t perpetuate this narrative of us versus them. Seriously, I’ve never bothered to think or waste any time about these insecurities that you mention before I read this article.

    Furthermore I wish you a good day and I hope you change your pessimistic standpoint towards these trivial matters. Seriously, there are worse things to worry about. Mixed race people are extremely well off.

    • “mixed race people have the keys to inherit this world and not homogeneously ethnic people”

      Wow. Racist much?

  10. Why is telling someone in this world they are beautiful a bad thing ?.whether you’re straight transgendered gay whatever race you are telling someone they’re beautiful shouldn’t matter . It should be taken as a good wonderful complement .When did telling somebody there beautiful become a bad thing. I just don’t get the negative nest of this article.

  11. I read the Nat Geo article at the link, and I feel like you jumped to a unfair conclusion based only on the first couple of lines, and based on the greater internet’s silly viral reaction, which Nat Geo can’t help. “Intriguing” doesn’t mean beautiful, and attributing a negative, fetish-driven, exorcizing intent to the work is hard to do if you bother to read the rest of the article, which is in fact sympathetic to some of the experiences you speak of. For instance,

    “The attention she gets for her unusual looks can be both flattering and exhausting. “It’s a gift and a curse,” Seda says.”

    Nat Geo’s intent seems to be to portray the changing face of our country, not to suggest that the only positive characteristic of a mixed race person is her appearance. You need to be more willing to give the benefit of the doubt and not come to every interaction loaded and ready to fire at anyone who shows the tiniest bit of ignorance as you perceive it.

  12. Wasn’t National Geographic recently bought out? I agree with your point. Although I will say that I am of all European ancestry; most northern and some southern. I look more like the Southern European family and I’m always asked if I’m mixed, part Asain, Latino, black etc. I think people have been mixing so much in so many places that mixed really already is what we are. People look like those people in remote areas around the world already because of the silk route, the Vikings, the British empire, and what have you. It’s time to move on. People look good and bad no matter what. Great mix, don’t mix, who cares. I agree don’t objectify and make these people exotic flowers, that’s stupid. It’s no shock, I’m only European and don’t look much unlike some of these people, my fully Mexican friends look like these people and I have countless “mixed” friends who look just like these people. National Geographic this is not new news to me.

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  14. Ok, so i’m a mixed race sixteen year old in the U.S. of A. I’m pretty much a mix of everything but because of my color people automatically assume i’m native american or blasian. I feel that the mixing of races is a good thing as it breaks down the walls of racism that so clouds our world to this very day. While I believe that this blending of cultures and dna is a good thing i still do not believe in the objectification of mixed men or women. I am an equalist not just a feminist. I believe that no one should feel they should not love another just because they are not of the same race. I also feel that you shouldn’t marginalized others vecause of their mixed race background. If you feel the need to be uncouth and act like a dirty pervert when you see a mixed person then that’s your problem. Likewise if you feel the need to act like a malicious vindictive obnoxious racist then that too is your own problem.

  15. Mixed people look perfectly fine to me. I don’t get what the issue is. people are people. we are all diverse. Race is stupid but, eh.

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  17. I look at Charlize Theron and think “She is a wonderful Dutch Afrikaaner specimen” and I look at Angelina Jolie and remark about how she has her father’s strong Germanic features, plump lips included, backed up with her French Canadian mother’s sultry contributions. You can’t escape ethnicity.

  18. This was an incredibly interesting article! I’ve never thought of things like this, but it has been scientifically proven that exotic and different or average is perceived as more attractive. So all the people fascinated by mixed race-ness are not crazy, ignorant or other.

  19. I’m mixed. People call me ugly (mostly boys). Some say mixed/biracial people look…weird. I take that as a insult. Some say mixed/biracial people look…prettier. I also take that as an insult. This is who people are. Don’t judge the color, race, or even their beautie. God did not put people on earth to be gorgeous. He put you on earth to repreduce. So basically what is beautie? Nothing specific except you. Not mixed/biracial or cocasion. It’s you. Black, White. It’s you. This is said from a 13 year old

  20. The pictures you have for the mixed race people too me, they are awkward looking. I don’t want to see the blond hair blue eyed or the red haired green eyed extinct. Also the dark skin coco colored woman with afro hair, the tanned raven haired Latina extinct. If we all looked mixed and the same what’s the fun in that ?

  21. The name of this article is disgusting! Why do people like you make this kind of thing, it’s so offensive to read. You should be ashamed

  22. Do you have any idea how rude the title of your article is? I’m a mixed girl and this article almost made me feel suicidal, it made me cry my eyes out. Why would you ever say that about ANYONE? Maybe start thinking about your articles so you won’t get so much hate. The pictures you showed as examples are beautiful, why would you called them ugly? You should be ashamed of yourself and this so called blog. Mixed people are humans as well, I’m also offended when you say “Black people” or “White People”. What’s SO hard about saying Dark/Caucasian/African Amerian/Hispanic/European (etc.). So I’m just trying to basically say: Why? Why this title, why this ARTICLE TOPIC…?


    • Gabriella I wanted to make my own comment about how dumb this article is but then I saw yours. Sweetheart, that is not really what she meant, it was just a clickbait title to get people to read it. What she’s saying is “stop saying that mixed people are the MOST beautiful because it makes me feel alienated” and she has her list of ridiculous reasons why. She is not calling those pictures ugly, they are the pictures that went along with a National Geographic article about how mixed people are the most beautiful. She is an idiot and has zero reading comprehension and everything filters through her weird “that’s offensive!” filter. She writes, “Am I supposed to look at these photographs of fellow mixed-race people and say: “Oh wow – how funny looking!” Apparently I am. The article starts with the line: ‘What is it about the faces on these pages that we find so intriguing?'” She sees the word “intriguing” in an article about why mixed people are literally the most beautiful and thinks it means “funny looking.” Feel sorry for her, not yourself! Mixed people of any two races are ALWAYS the most beautiful, always. Of course there’s exceptions to every rule, so I suspect the author of this article is really ugly and is jealous of all the beautiful mixed-race people because she doesn’t look like Halle Berry, Vanessa Williams and Alicia Keys!

  23. I get what you’re saying: don’t fetishize people of mixed races which is equally demeaning as the opposite. I get what you are saying because it has been part of my discipline to learn about fetishization. I get it because it makes my skin crawl when a guy learns my ethnicity and says in his slickest voice, “Argentinian woman are so beautiful.” So I totally understand what you’re saying, but looking at the comments, I don’t think a lot of people did.

    I would urge anyone reading this article to look into fetishization before you judge. Fetishization is a form of objectification and I think Nicol is rightly arguing that we, as a culture, have fetishized people who are mixed race.

    Nonetheless, I think people are reacting the way they are because it does come from a desire to celebrate multiculturalism. I get what you are saying and I admire that you said it, but something you may want to consider is that before we can normalize difference, we first have to learn to celebrate difference. I know it Others people, but I don’t think one can exist without the other. I’ve always scoffed at things that celebrate multiculturalism because they seem to celebrate a homogeneous version of culture (being half Argentinian and half Nicaraguan, I don’t like being lumped into the Hispanic all encompassing, heavily stereotyped, category) that ends up excluding people like me. However, as much as it bothers me, I cannot deny that it is a huge deal when we CAN celebrate multiculturalism. Once people begin to see differences as something that can be beautiful, then they learn to stop fearing them, and then they learn to incorporate them into their worldview.

    Think, for example, learning to swim. You begin terrified of the water. You don’t know what you’re doing, you think you might drown, and you hang as tightly as possible onto Mommy as you can because you don’t trust the water. Over time, you are exposed to the water more and more. Then comes that first day when you finally swim on your own. A lot of people know how to swim; it’s not really a huge deal. However, for you and your family, it’s a huge deal. Mommy claps and tells you that you are going to get ice-cream later to celebrate. The celebration helps make the water seem a little less scary so that next time, not only are you not as afraid of the water, but you want to get in. Eventually swimming becomes a normal thing for you. You don’t celebrate it anymore because swimming has become part of who you are.

    Maybe that celebration point can suck when people act as if they love you, but they’re still differentiating between you and them. (And trust me, I have often thought the same thing and wondered if really we are drawing thicker lines between people.) However, if you want to get to the point when being different is normal, this has to happen. People have to learn that being different isn’t so scary. The celebration helps them realize that.

  24. However, I’d like to add that fetishization is a problem. I was just thinking of guys who only date Asian girls… I don’t the National Geographic article is going THAT far though.

  25. I think biracial people may appear less threateningly. People want the familiar and fearful of the unknown. Fear of the unknown is where racism comes from along with environmental training.People can see certain facial characteristic that are of their own race. Even if it is subconsciously.This creates more trust and less fear. In the end we will all be biracial and find something new to hate about eachother. Coexist as brothers or perish as fools.

  26. Actually they are because of a more easily associated face while still being different.

    We actually genetically breed with a goal be diverese and successful

  27. Summing up all comments on this page.
    “Everyone’s trying to be as politically correct as possible.”

  28. I honestly think this is the most invertantly racist article I have ever read. Sorry not everybody fits your standard of white beauty. Don’t like it? Must fucking suck:)

  29. This article was bullshit from start to finish. First of all, everyone is beautiul, EVERYONE. Even if you don’t see it at first if you’d take even a millisecond to actually look at someone you can see their beauty. As a mixed person, I loved the NG article. Their article is saying that by 2050 (even though it’s morw likely 2100) the majority of humans will be a general mix of multiple races. This is so obviously a good thinf yet you want to complain about racism and racial categorizing. What the main jist of this article is is that because there will be LESS racism due to the fact that the majority of people, especially white people due to the accessibility of the United States and Canada, will no longer be “white.” Meaning, ideals such as white suppremicy will be drastically decreased. And all of this can be inferred if you would take the time to use your head. If there’: a larger population of people who look the same and are not a single race like white or black or native american, there is less prejudice, and thay is simple common logic. People look at me and they don’t know what the hell I am because no one ever sees a Japanese-American, it seems and they don’t know where to categorize me. But you know what, because I look so much in the middle, I am not discriminated, I am not assumed to be anything, and people don’t stare at me. Being mixed is a wonderful thing and, yes, you can lose a little of your sense of race, but in the end, when everyone is mixed and everyone has that in between appearance, and everyone has that fluid sense of race, we will no longer need to have boxes in which to put little checks by black or white or asian or native american. Because we will all be several races mixed together and it won’t matter anymore. That’s why this is beautiful. That’s why being mixed is beautiful, because you don’t need to say I’m this or that, you say I’m many things and that’s okay, and that is how the end to racism and desrimination begins. Mixed babies are considered beautiful because we defy the way we SHOULD look and instead we are unique and we are different and the fact that that’s appreciated should be celebrated. Most people don’t mean that primarily single raced people are ugly in comparison, they are simply accepting the look of people who are different and people who were once thought to be mutts and that is a wonderful thing and nothing short of it.

  30. This article is shit and you’re wrong. Lol people can have ANY opinion about mixed races. Mixed race people are gorgeous. And yes, I do look at a white man and say wow, that is one beautifully engineered white man. Or whoaa look at that deep rich melanin within that beautiful black woman. So yes, it is okay to say that. Especially if it comes from,nothing but love.

  31. “This article was bullshit from start to finish. First of all, everyone is beautiul, EVERYONE. ”

    The extraction above is utter idiocy, because any mature human language has the words that denote ugliness and beauty and it means that we have deeply rooted notions about beauty and ugliness. People of european origin usualy have the standarts of beauty that have origin in ancient Greek culture.The ancient Greeks were obsessed with aesthetics and held beauty above all.

    BTW. the language is a form of collective consciousness so it is usually useless to fight against the words and notions.

  32. I am a mixed race girl, and I know that ‘haroldrenman’ made a comment like forever ago, but I just wanted to say that there is much a thing as a race, because we would all be white or black, or whatever. And you say that technically, all humans are the same as far as race. But that is not true, because everyone is different, in how you look, and your personality.

  33. Also, the title of this article is stupid, because EVERYONE is beautiful. Even though people do have their own opinions. Mixed race people are beautiful. I get compliments all the time!

    • Exactly! I am mixed race and people tell me I’m beautiful all the time!!! I’m not trying to say I’m prettier than someone else just because I am mixed race, but titling an article “Mixed race people are not beautiful,” is way out of line.

  34. I am a mixed race woman and I am quite offended by this article. “Mixed race people are not beautiful.” What were you thinking?!? This is so out of line! I can’t believe someone would do this…

  35. I didn’t see a single human being in those mixed race pictures that I would’ve considered to be beautiful, or even particularly attractive. They were unusual, for sure, but that is all. Sometimes I’ll see a mixed race girl in everyday life that I think is pretty, but then I see her mother, and she simply doesn’t compare.

  36. I understand that this article drew a different perspective on your take on National Geographic article, but I feel you might’ve misconstrued and misinterpreted a lot from something that might’ve wanted to come off more innocent and thought-provoking. Your huge bias on the topic is very obvious and if you meant to write this article with a more professional hand, it was not done well. Your anger is clearly seen which makes this article less credible by the moment every slip of anger seeps in. Yes, I agree, people of mixed-races are not “products” and not to be construed as “beautiful” BECAUSE they are of mixed-race, but I think you’re missing the bigger picture of what kind of future national geographic might’ve wanted to project. America is known to be one of the biggest melting pots in the world, and racism is often a product of discriminating against a particular pure race, often being African-Americans. In the future, if mixed-races became more and more common and become a dominant over the population, then you’d think racism would actually lessen and decrease. Of course, it won’t be completely wiped out, but with a majority of the population being of mixed-race it could lead to more compatibility, leading to easier lines of communication and relations with one another.

    Right now, mixed-raced people are part of the minority, and being a minority can be construed as “rare” which people will eventually be fascinated with. Diamonds are rare and only produce under very specific conditions. The same could be said with very attractive looking individuals who happen to be of mixed-race. I understand that you might’ve wanted to be perceived as part of the majority, but the reality is that at this point in time, that’s not the reality. And sometimes reality of life can suck. As people and as a part of society, we’ll probably get to the point where mixed-races are a majority and it’s not as big of a deal as it is right now. Maybe by saying “we’re not beautiful” was trying to make the point that mixed-races weren’t anything ‘special or rare’ or a “show” to look at, but I see it’s backfired. Yes, I agree as a SPECIES we’re all the same, but can’t be said as individuals. The exterior part of us are probably made up of the same stuff as anyone else, but inside we’re all different. That goes the same for race unfortunately. Races usually contain a certain standard of culture which was built within a society of a certain race. So, technically race can define a very general standard of person that belong to that race so race can make a difference on a person.

    I have lots more to say, but I think if I were to go on it would take up the whole comments section. Anyways, my point is that I agree with you on your most general point that people of mixed-races shouldn’t really be seen as something wonderful or something to behold and treated differently because they aren’t as common right now, but unfortunately that’s just how things are at the moment. Moments pass and some fade away. Times change and right now isn’t something you can change upon drastically, but we can look to the future and hope that something like this will just be a passing moment.

  37. The purpose of adding “…and it’s beautiful” is because of narrow-minded people (similar to this post) who do indeed idolize white supremacy. Racism was and still is a big problem, as shown by history, with many Caucasian folks not wanting minorities to “take over”. It’s a trend and it is fine. Annoying, sure, but fine.

  38. After reading your “article”, I found something that may could help you in the future. Try to analyze yourself first, find the roots that causing your issues, so that n the future you may can avoid to sound so stupid. These lines only reflecting your view and it’s as shocking as the ignorance it radiates in every sentence. I wish you good luck. You clearly need it along with some professional help to diagnose what did mess you up like this..

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